Steamer FAQs

What is included with the steamer?

The Sun Joe Steamer comes with a Jet Nozzle, Copper and Nylon utility brushes, wallpaper steam plate,

cleaning brush, window/tile squeegee, and extension tubes.

How long does it take to heat up?

The Sun Joe Steamer heats up in just 35-seconds for near-instant steam cleaning power.

How hot does the steamer get?

The steamer will product temperatures up to 212°F (100°C) to kill germs and destroy grime on contact.

How large is the tank?

The tank is 33.8 fl. Oz (1 L) and can provide up to 40 minutes of use per fill.

How long is the hose and power cord?

The flexible steam hose is 8 ft (96 in.) and the power cord is 6ft. (72 in.) allowing for a large area cleaning


How much does the product weigh?

The Sun Joe Steamer is light weight and comes in at only 7.1 lbs.

Does the Sun Joe Steamer come with a warranty?

Yes! The Sun Joe Steamer is backed by our 2 year warranty.